SOMALIA:Clashes between Somaliland forces and Puntland In Tukaraq district

Tukaraq district in Sool region reports that there were clashes between the Somaliland forces and the Puntland administration early On Monday.

Sool region journalists told Marqaan Media that almost every hour of the conflict.

The clashes took place outside the Tukaraq area on the outskirts of Puntland, and the two armies clashed in the operation of the Somaliland army.

Tukaraq area is now calm, but there is still a crisis of interest.

Tukaraq district officials said that there was no casualties on the fighting in Tukaraq.

The clashes erupted in the last few days by the United Nations, which has been conducting a series of peace efforts in the area.

Hundreds of thousands of families have been displaced for five months since Somaliland forces took away ousted Puntland. Read More

Families of Tukaraq Families Disturbed in Rural Areas in Sool Region,There is no help for those people.

Sool, Sanaag, and Ayn regions have been fighting Puntland And Somaliland for a long time.


Marqaan Media Group.

Kala Xirir.

Dhiibo Fikrad Wanaagsan Si Aan u Daabcno

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