Diplomatic ties between UAE and Somalia seem to gradually freeze

Diplomatic ties between UAE and Somalia seem to gradually freeze following when Somali Government remained neutral in the Gulf crisis.
Somalia has never consistently had a natural strategic ally with influence. In the seventies and eighties, the dictatorship in Somalia danced between the United States and the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War, a political miscalculation that left a legacy of ruin and political instability.

Displeased by this gesture, the UAE and Saudi Arabia made the decision to embark on a mission to destabilize the Somali Government by directly approaching federal state members to cut ties with Qatar, undermining the fragile Federal Government structure in the war-torn country.

Somalia does not deserve a return to civil war. Its people are already suffering from the effects of Al Shabaab’s senseless violence. Thus, The United Nations, African Union, regional organizations and friendly countries should not standby and watch their efforts to establish the little peace get destroyed before their eyes.

The Somali federal government should also shun its intransigence, largely driven by pro-Qatar individuals in its midst and have dialogue with the fledgling opposition and those who hold a contrary view to its position on the Gulf crisis.

From the above events, it is evident that Somalia’s political stability is being directly undermined and hijacked by the UAE and Saudi Arabia with visible aggressive and disruptive tactics designed to pursue their own interests. The tangible peace earned between Somali civil societies in the last two decades are on the brink of being eroded due to the blatant sabotage from these Gulf States, who will stop at nothing to get a stranglehold on Somalia, to shape its politics and policies.

Yet, it appears that recently, the most obvious and aggressive political spoilers have been the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Following the Gulf crisis in which Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt imposed air, Sea and land blockades on Qatar, Somalia’s government was formally approached by Saudi Arabia officials to cut ties with Qatar. Surprisingly, the Somali Federal Government took a strategic and brave decision to refuse their offer to take sides and instead offered to mediate between the fellow Arab league members.

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