DAAWO;-Wariye Reer Hargaysa Oo Banaanka Keenay fashilkii Karaacay Somaliland Arinta Imaraadka Iyo DP WORD Xog Halis ah

Wariye Reer hargaysa Oo banaanka Keenay Xogdhaba Oo Kusaabsan heshiiska maleeshiyaadka Somaliland Iyo imaraadka Cida Saxeexday iyo halka Uu salka Kuhayo.

Waxa Soo Dhaac baxaya Inay dekada Berbera Hore ula Gashay Dowlada Soomaaliya Imaraadka,kadibna Soomaliland Dib u Cusboonaysiisay Heshiiskaasi iyo heshii kale oo dekada Ber Bera Ahaa.



Marqaan Media Group.

Kala Xirir.



  1. Imaaradka oo ka laalabtay xamar,iyo shirkada dp world oo sheegtay inay
    Hawlihii ay kawadeen berbera iyo bosaso ay si habsami leh usocdaan,kkkkkkkkkkk

  2. ** IT’S TIME (Part One) **

    For close to three decades, the Isaaq communty was taken for a long and rough ride by rogue ex-guerilla warlords who saw the perfect opportunity for mass exploitation and self-aggrandizement in the vacuum created by the collapse of the Somali nation in 1991. These rogue men, already past their middle age, willfully deceived their own community in the heat of the moment and quite easily coaxed their kinsfolk into believing the plain lie that they had been massacred with intent by their fellow Somalis who hated them for being Isaaq. The timing was perfect as the dust and smoke of the horrendous civil war had not yet cleared in the air. The pain was raw and the anguish insurmountable and, in the heat of the moment, our Isaaq cousins were understandably easily convinced and fell for the black lie. They swallowed the poison as they were put through a sophisticated psychological warfare and social engineering program based on perceiving all other Somalis as enemy numero uno and, therefore, harbouring the most intense hatred and animosity towards them.

    Our unsuspecting cousins were programmed into believing that it had become a matter of “us” and “them” and the Isaaq and the rest would live in parallel worlds henceforth. They were promised a utopia code-named ‘Somaliland’ which would belong only to them and based on the Israeli model of ethnocracy. Perfectly manipulated, they fell for the whole sham hook, line and sinker. Only the cunning middle-aged rogues knew that it was all but a massive scam with the ulterior motive of enriching themselves from the plight of the poor victims of a civil war. It was an elaborate clandestine scheme that they had cleverly and skillfully constructed to advance their own personal interests, now that their political careers had gone up in puff of smoke with the nation called Somalia. But they did so by further victimizing their own badly traumatized community and quite shamelessly too.

    • ** IT’S TIME (Part Two) **

      To be fair and just, the Isaaq community had indeed endured a horrendous onslaught with thousands murdered or maimed for life. The majority were innocent civilians caught up in the bloody conflict between the erswhile dictatorship and the SNM rebels. Our hearts and prayers go to all the poor victims and their relatives just as much as our hearts and prayers go to the thousands of other Somalis who, in equal measure, perished at the hands of the SNM and USC guerilla fighters. The irrefutable truth is that all Somalis fell victim to the terrible atrocities of a dictatorship as well as the ensuing civil war. No one particular tribe or clan was purposely targeted or attacked by another. We all equally share the shame and the blame. Therefore, it is high time that our misled Isaaq brethren came to terms with the fact that their now senile leaders had sold them a plain lie and promised them an unrealistic ethnocratic utopia. If it were real and possible, they would have been delivered by now.

      The undeniable reality is that the Isaaq share everything, including the region, with their kinsmen from other Somali tribes and clans. They are all totally inseparable no matter the lies and deception which claim the contrary. The other undeniable truth is that the Republic of Somalia – now luckily a federal country – is itself unsplittable come what may. Believing otherwise is tantamount to living in a cloud-cuckoo-land. The rest of the Somalis have not willfully harmed their Isaaq cousins as an ethnic group and never would. It is unwise and unhelpful to exist in the shadow of a dark past and an era that is well and truly behind us. We all belong together and to our nation of Somalia. We need each other and our country and nationhood just as much our country needs us all. Our seriously deprived and underdeveloped communities need and deserve to live a dignified and modern life which our resource-rich can easily provide. It is time we re-embraced each other and our nationhood – together. The alternative is just more bloodshed, death and destruction which are all sick and tired of after nearly three awful decades.


        – need and deserve to live a dignified and modern life which our resource-rich COUNTRY can easily provide.

        – The alternative is just more bloodshed, death and destruction which WE are all sick and tired of after nearly three awful decades.

  3. Walah waa wax laga xumaado ilaa iyo iminka Shacabka Sland madaxa ayey gacanta ku hayaan. !!!. Waa yaab !!! Meeshii dee Mafia ayaa qabsatay. Ruuxii aad aragtaa wuxuu ku su’aali un “walalo ayaa horta heshiiska saxiixnay? ” dee miyaan aqaan.

    • Ahmed, either debate with me like a man or please just cover your green mouth. This is the problem of chewing too much grass from the Ethiopian highlands.

      “Shuban” is quite normal, can’t find anything worse to say?


    Arliga” La kala Boobayaa, nin U itaalroon, Waa Dal la kale Iibsaday Oon, Nal
    AAMINTAA” KUU (ABEESO) YAHAYE.(Allways” Good to be straight-foward with people.)

  5. Not when it becames a diarrhea. That shit is upnormal. Your brian is having a hiarrhea. That ia why you are so consumed by Somaliland. Everyday and night. It is really pathetic actually.

    Sidan isku dhaan oo iska aamus waxba kuma hadleyside.

  6. Ahmed, I am fully entitled to both my opinions and the right to express them. It’s you who should learn to lump it and live with it, it’s better for your sanity and might bring a bit of maturity to your childish temper tantrums.

    I could never be consumed by “Somaliland” simply because no such thing exists in the first place. “Somaliland” is a figment of the imagination of the psychos who have been programmed by the SNM rogues to believe this fictitious entity. It is not real, just drop the illusion.

    Unlike you and your narrow-minded slaves of tribalism, I am a staunch Pan-Somalian socioligist who is passionate about bringing peace and prosperity to all my Somali kinsfolk in the whole of the Greater Somalia. This is my ultimate mission.

    Above all, I consider it as my solemn duty to uphold Islam’s cardinal article of calling for the unity and brotherhood of our Ummah, in the hope that I am not questioned about this responsibility to my people, in the Hereafter.

    This is the vast difference between me and you poor fella.

  7. Then why are you literally and tirelessly shouting from the roof tops day and night about Somaliland if it does not exist???????????

    My deluded friend, you need to get a grip of yourself and realise that you are totally consumed by Somaliland. Your whole world is upside down and all of your efforts are draining down the drain as you spend considerable amount of your precious time spewing garbage about Somaliland. All you do everyday is spew too much hatred towards Somaliland and I bet you think and dream about it all night too.This is un healthy and irresponsible.

    Once again, get a grip mate and spend your time towards something more productive and worthy of your time. I am sure there is plenty else you can find to do.

    I truely hope you take my sincere and good advice.

    Spend you time towards some more productive and worthy of you.

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