Direct dialogue with Somalia and UAE In Saudi Arabia.

he Speaking to VOA’s Somali Service, Somalia’s Foreign Minister Ahmed Isse Awad said talks were ongoing with the Somali Government and the United Arab Emirates, which are not good communication with them in the past.

Awad said that the two  In Saudi Arabia, who are attending the 29th Arab League Summit, are directly discussing the current situation and are expected to set up their political tensions.

The Minister said that he was not aware of the agreement between the two countries.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Somalia , MR Awad, has asked to him “United Arab Emirates to withdraw its troops from Somalia, but said it had no information about the situation.

Somalia and the United Arab Emirates are experiencing a massive political crisis that has had a major impact on the relationship between the two countries, and the latest reports suggest that the UAE has stopped supporting the Somali army and training forces.



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