Somalia and Kenya foreign ministers discussed the border wall

Somali’s foreign affairs minister Ahmed Iise Awadd met with Kenyan foreign sectary Monica Juma in Nairobi to discuss the border tensions which is worsened as the border wall reached Balad Hawo district, a Somali border town in Gedo region.

Kenyan government started building of a border wall to secure its border towns from Al-shabaab according to Kenyan officials.

Delegates from the two countries met last Tuesday in Mandera, Kenya to negotiate the border wall which Somali officials said it violates the exact border point and accused Kenyan government that annexed kilometers from Somalia.

With other diplomatic officials from the two countries, officials agreed to implement the understandings from the two presidents, Mohamed Abdullahi farmajo and Uhuru Kenyatta.

Al-shabab maintained attacks at the border areas those killed my innocent people and Kenyan security forces.


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