DAAWO VIDEO:cabdiraxman Cirro Oo ku baaqay iscasilaad maamulka Muuse Biixi ku eedeyey Inay iibsadeen Sland.

Gudoomiyaha xisbiga wadani  ee soomaliland cabdiraxman cirro Ayaa ugu baaqay Inuu iscasilo wasiirka arimaha Debada Soomaliland sacadcali Shire Oo Dhawaan Lagu helay inuu Shirkad ka Furtay dalka Imaraadka.

waxa uu sheegayDr cirro Inuu Kulmiye Iibsadey Soomaliland Sidaasi darteeda loogu Baaqayo Inuu iscasilo ama Madaxweynaha Xilka ka qaado.

Halkani Riix Video


Marqaan Media Group.

Kala Xirir.



  1. Well spotted, Mr Cirro, for exposing this disgusting ploy by the Mafia coded-named ‘Somaliland’ and their henchmen, aimed not only at siphoning aid money donated to the poor people of that region but, more seriously, designed to rob natural resources that rghtly belong to the Federal Republic of Somalia.

    This is unprecedented by any Somali standards as the Awal-Jeclo mafia cartel’s greed plunges them headlong into the Islamically forbidden speculative market – a dark and dangerous world that is totally XAARAAM and immoral to engage in.

    My suspicion is that this ponzi scheme disguised as a financial ventrue is some kind of an SPV formed by dark, unaccountable forces based in the UAE in order to:

    a) manipulate the flow of aid money into this region for their own financial gain

    b) conduct illegal exploratory “gold-digging” missions in the region aimed at stealing natural resources and monopolize Berbera hub and other regional assets

    c) serve as a conduit for bigger speculative cartels intent on infiltrating Somalia, manipulating its financial market and other assets and also stealing its resources

    The SNM mafia will stop at nothing in order to get rich, even if it means becoming kaffirs in the process.

    OGOOW (Maan Duuli Waayin Mana Diriri Waayin
    Maan Dagaali waayin (afrikay Daya”.)

  3. Cismaan Cawad will stop at nothing lambasting Somaliland. Taking advantage of every opportunity he can get. Regardless of it’s authenticity. For instance, I bet that he heard exact info I heard if not less this company. I will be honest, I don’t have enough information, to come to a conclusion yet. Am I inclined to believe Dr. Sa’ad over Mr. Iro? Not automatically. (If I was a betting man though, I think I know which horse I would choose). However I know a thing or two about both men. Dr. Sa’ad for instance is a hard working honest man who on many occasions has proved that he is a good servant for his country. He is one of the very few ministers who quiet diligently do their job with finesse. He is all one of the few people in government whose authentic. His answers are always clear and precise and have not been retracted nor disputed in a major way. To find such a person who has been a ministers for 8 years now is rare.

    On the other hand Mr. Ciro is quiet, deliberate, intelligent, has been in government for such a long time now. Above all he is an opposition figure and has been for a long time, so please forgive me if I don’t take everything that comes out of politicians in general, specially opposition ones with heap of salt.

    Either way, at this point I genuinely don’t have enough info to make an informed decision. Maybe Cismaan Cawad can kindly share with us how he came to a quick decision to state that “The SNM mafia will stop at nothing in order to get rich, even if it means becoming kaffirs in the process”. Could it be said that maybe he went that far because he is blindly guided by the hate he harbours for Somalilandna.

    Can we say here as well, that he (Cismaan) himself will stop at nothing to smear Somaliland, even if it means becoming Kaffir in the process?

  4. Mingis Tume..

    TUKARAQ kwrn sxb, miyaadaan Mingiskii kasoo tumayn, soowtii BUDHLAYN lahayd waan soo celinaynaa??


  5. @ Ahmed,

    The onus is on you to disprove that this so-called company is not a speculative financial venture whose objectives are as I described above and perhaps even more sinister.

    My learned friend, “even if it means becoming a kaffir” is nothing more than a figure of speech and I am surprised you have taken the meaning literally.

    Ahmed, the reality is that ‘Somaliland’ is just a figment of your imagination (you lot who are fantasising about it) and does not exist in the real world.

  6. Cismaan
    Typical classic Cismaan ones again trying to wiggle out of a jam he putt himself in. Not surprised at all.

    The Onus is squarely with you my friend. Innocent untill proven guilty. You are the one making the accusation. You are the one who needs to share what made you come to that conclusion. What tangible proof so you have?

    Your statement was not a figure of speech but rather a damning accusation.

    This is all you my friend. The fkoor is yours. Dont be too shy now.

    • “…the fkoor is yours. Dont be too shy now.”


      Hats off to you Ahmed for staging this classic charade in order to slip out the back door instead of facing the audience and debating like a man.


  7. wax yaab leh baa ka dhacay, sida laysu waydaarsanayo doodaha

    fired up -i guess!
    upon analyzing you guy’s argumentative but otherwise healthy comments slammed back and force at each other’s face. it marks how we can all communicate in cross fire without even launching a derogatory and offensive way of expressing one’s opinion. this is good job. nothing wrong to disagree so long to let it out in civilized manner. Continue with cautious move lest things get out of hand and in to full blown warfare
    let the debate not exceed the limit
    both of you job very well done

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